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About Us

Due to the high prevalence children pain has got and the scientific recognition about individualized treatment done by a multidisciplinary team, our objective is to present a Multidisciplinary Model in the treatment of children pain, acute and chronic pain, adapting it to our idiosyncrasy and the different dimensions of children pain.

Specifical objectives. Description of our Multidisciplinary Pain Treatment Model and work developed by each disciplines, as well as the strategies developed to accomplish sensibilization and diffusion along different scopes during last year 2018.


Along 2018 we have done:

1. Creation of a Multidisciplinary Treatment Team, that reunited experience, and compromise to improve integrally children with pain and their families.

2. Applied different strategies from these Multidiscipinary Treatment Team over special interest areas: investigation, treatment, training, and social diffusion.

Poster presentation of Dolor-in

A multidisciplinary team

The key of our Project is the creation on different disciplines team: PT,Nurse,Hospital Pharmacist,Psicopedagogical support,Psychologist and an Anesthetist.