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ASEEDAR-TD,Is the association of nurses in anesthesia and reanimation and pain therapy, was constituted in Valencia 1987 with its main object: professional and academicals recognition of all nurse professionals, that develop their work in the areas of Anesthesia, Reanimation and pain therapy.

The new technological evolution, complex surgery, more and more anesthetic processes, surgical ones and anesthetics ones, like diagnostics and analgesics, justify the request of professional recognition to improve the quality of care of patients along all the process.

The effort from our part is to improve and actualize the care, it has had as an object the state of the art in patient care that will require a professional actuation with maximal efficacy, quality and security that will have minimal risk to the patients.

We believe that specialized professional practice: nurses and doctors must adequate in a very serious way and responsible to a model that would adjust to real needs of society, including patients, professionals: nurses and doctors etc., without avoidance of our Health service characteristics and requiring to cover deficiencies that appear in most of our hospitals.

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