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Skip Solutions for Children with pain.
Tania García Abreu

Skip Solutions for Children with pain.

Dra Tania Garcia

Federal Canadian Government has announced 1,6 million Canadian dolars along next 4 years for this Network mobilization directed to improve children pain management not only in Canada but along the world.

Childrne pain could be prevented and is poorly treated,that is the way Dr Christine Chambers  investigator in children pain and Scientific Director of this Proyect.

Dra Christine Chambers

The idea is that money will reach children with pain and their families allowing that all investigations reach medical magazines and to the hands of specialists involved in their care to improve children pain

SKIP will be at Dalhousie University and will include more tan 100 canadien and international associates working all together to try to solve the children pain problem. tries to help to this proyect trying to give Spanish voice to SKIP as they use French and Spanish as main languages, but there are thousands of families, emigrants that do not manage themselves with the language.




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Divulgation | 26/08/2019