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How does DOLORIN Works?
1. Creating an multidisciplinary team with these disciplines:

PT:Stablish activity protocols breaking the frightening feeling  cycle of getting back into movement.

Paediatritian:avoidance of any children suffering.

Nurse: The empathy with the patient and the respectful attention towards the patient and relatives is the key point of our care.

Hospital pharmacist: promote protocols that allowed the identification of pain in accordance to the children age a to potenciate the efficacy and safety of the treatments.

Psychoeducational specialist: she is the magician that helps children one by one to find solutions to their problems

Psychologist: With and adecuate emotional health and a proper management of the emotions we can improve the pain.We teach psychological techniques to impove the management of its intensity and frequency.

PT specialist: The body inteligence generates security and self esteem,respect our needs,improves the tiredness, increase well being.

Anaesthetist: The children will benefit from aproach to their pain as  as a ready make suit,taking into accounts all biopsichosocial differences.

2. There has been Estrategies of difusión adn team work in the following áreas:
2.1 Social sensibilization campaings


Objectives:improvement of affected children and their relatives, promote investigation of children pain.

INFORMATIVE WEB: directed to social agents involved in children pain:parents,children,professionals and the rest of society.

Presence in socials networks Twitter and Facebook to allow difussion of contents and activities.

Creation of an APP”SOLETE” relaxation tale to help parents to relax through breathing thier children with pain.

Videos about postural relaxation

2.2 Workshops

COMFORT PROGRAMM workshop directed to multidisciplinary health professionals, that pretends  management of habilities to improve children pain.

Participation at the pain expert Day from Grunenthal Pharmaindustry.

Activity realized in May 2018.

Creation of 9 multidisciplinary modules to improve education in children pain for different professionals involved in the treatment and research of children pain.

Participation at the NATIONAL PAIN CONFERENCE celebrated in June 2018,Palma Mallorde about prevalence of children pain.

2.3 Investigation work

White book about non pharmacological treatment in children pain aproved by the research commitee of the Hospital HGUV, to identify and treat different procedures with non pharmacological  methods.

Actual development

Prevalence studio of chronic pain ,since 2014 study the prevalence of acute and chronic pain and their impact in children and families y 4 health departments in the city of valencia Spain.

2.4 Treatment of children pain

Identifying and treating children pain with non pharmacological methods in different procedures.

National guides of Acute children pain.

Integration in a extrahospitalary team (SEPEAP) for proposals and treatment protocolos.

Pormotion of compasive medical use and children formulae to treat Neuropathic pain.

From investigation to education.

The key of this proyect if the team creation with different specialist: PT, Pediatritian, Children nurse, Hospital Pharmacist, Psychoeducational therapist, Psychologist and Anaesthetist.